What is Nonoilen?

Unique, newly developed, multi-component
biodegradable material from biobased raw materials by

Nonoilen material belongs to Bioplastics advanced materials. The uniqueness of newly developed multi-component biodegradable material dwells in its origin as it comes from 100% renewable (biobased) polymers and, at the same time, in its optimal properties for plastics production utilization.
Nonoilen represents a unique solution in the plastics industry. It meets the strictest current ecological criteria, while its products exhibit required application properties. Nonoilen is based on polymers coming from 100% renewable sources. Nonoilen can be biologically decomposed in industrial compost, electric composter, home compost and soil without the production of microplastics. Properties of Nonoilen required for various applications can be widely modified by suitable choice of Nonoilen composition.

Nonoilen is a new generation of modern biodegradable materials based on polymers from renewable sources.

Nonoilen is the only bioplastic currently present on the market which does not contain synthetic polymers produced from crude oil, and simultaneously it is sufficiently tough.

Nonoilen is 100% biodegradable – its decomposition is possible in industrial compost, home compost conditions, and soil.

Nonoilen is biocompatible.

Nonoilen is similar with its properties to regular plastics like PE, PP, some polyesters etc.

Nonoilen is stable while being stored or used in the long term. Nonoilen is decomposed only in the biologically active environment, and decomposition products do not cause the greenhouse effect.

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Pioneer Owners

Pioneer Cooperations

Slovak University of Technology (FCHPT) and Panara

In the 1990s, Panara Company, on behalf of its majority owner Mr Galambos decided to support the research of prof. Alexy’s team. They established very tight cooperation between an academic institution and a private company. Currently, the Department of polymer processing technologies of the Institute of natural and synthetic
polymers of the Slovak University of Technology is situated at the premises of Panara company in Nitra. Based on this mutually advantageous cooperation, a strong research team has been formed. It is a team of mainly young people, former and current PhD. students, all highly educated in the bioplastics field.

Other cooperations

WIGRO TRADE Slovakia, s.r.o.

Past cooperations


Nonoilen will be present at both Slovak and Czech pavilons

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