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PANARA, a.s. is a Slovak company based in Nitra, focused on research, development and production of ecological biodegradable NonOilen® blends.

The product we offer you

NonOilen® – marking for several types of mixtures produced by PANARA based on exclusive license rights or own patented solutions. Individual mixtures depending on the type of final product are intended, for example, for injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming…

A pile of cream tinted NonOilen granules isolated on the white background.

The owner of the registered trademark NonOilen® is PANARA, a.s.


The portfolio of shareholders consists of authorities who participated in NonOilen® research, entrepreneurs, as well as foreign and Slovak companies. A significant shareholder is the company | www.alpla.com | ALPLA. The group acquired a minority stake in the company Panara and thereby intensifies its activities in the field of development of alternative and sustainable raw materials for packaging materials.