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NonOilen® collaboration

NonOilen® caught the attention of the whole world. We provide customers with technical support during production, we are open to new ideas or material improvements.


Would you like to collaborate?

  • If you are interested in NonOilen®, the compostable bioplastic, and plan to use it for manufacturing your products, contact us at info@panara.eu.
  • We are open to new ideas and implementations, because we can prepare NonOilen® to comply with your material ideas.
  • We test individual modifications of NonOilen internally. We can prove the declared properties with numbers, trials and tests.
  • NonOilen® is a material that does not require the use of special technology. Feel free to contact us in case of questions or problems. Technical support is a matter of course for us.
  • We will help you compost your products. We will design the optimize the system of using bioplastic products within your business sector. We also prepared model situations on our website.

We are pleased with the interest of the producers, as well as their efforts to produce products environmentally-friendly

NonOilen® collaboration


Slovak Technical University in Bratislava

The Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of STU is closely connected with PANARA. The laboratory development of NonOilen® bioplastics took place on a university campus, but mostly at PANARA. Thanks to this, the necessary experiments could be implemented both organizationally and financially. Research and verification took place on the company’s premises, and often at its own expense. As a company with the status of a research organization, PANARA actively collaborates in scientific projects with the university. The company helped to stabilize the research team. It employs several graduates of the faculty, that were outside of the university´s budget, in positions necessary for furthering research and development. Close collaboration resulted in the official establishment of a joint workplace. PANARA. is not just a recipient of the results of research and development, it is an organic part of it. From the beginning, the bioplastics development was carried out within the framework of this collaboration under the leadership of professor Pavel Alexy. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the project inspired other students.


Polymer Institute SAS in Bratislava

The first research results (the initial stages of the development took place purely in a laboratory) were created in cooperation between STU and the Polymer institute SAS. Professor Ivan Chodák, a world-renowned expert in the field of polymers, participated in the research on behalf of the Academy of Sciences. The first patent therefore belongs to the Polymer institute. In order to put the research results into practice, it was necessary to connect the development with the industry. Therefore, the Polymer institute granted an exclusive license to PANARA, which was already participating in the project at that time.


Brno University of Technology

We developed a close cooperation with the Bioplastics laboratory at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Brno University of Technology under the leadership of Radek Přikryl in the formulation of recipes for various applications, including medical ones. The main joint research focus is fiber applications, medical applications and 3D printing (in cooperation with Filamentum). During the first wave of the Covid pandemic, this collaboration also resulted in designing a concept for a simple NonOilen® respirator. It can be manufactured using the vacuum thermoforming method, it is light and allows changing the textile filter. It would decompose in home compost within two months. The whole concept is waiting for a suitable investor.


Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The collaboration with the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SPU), especially with Anna Báreková, mainly consists of testing the effect of NonOilen after its decomposition on the properties of the soil and the growth of agricultural crops. SPU significantly contributes to solving the problem of compostability of NonOilen in real-life conditions at a municipal composting plant. This type of research work is very important for the entire project, so that we can make a qualified and professional assessment of the final impact of NonOilen as a biodegradable product on the quality of the soil and the quality of agricultural production.


Tomas Bata University in Zlín

The collaboration began over twenty years ago in the area of testing the biodegradability of water-soluble polymer materials, which were first developed at the Slovak Technical University, later at PANAR. The environmental engineering-oriented workplace in Zlín is currently testing the biodegradability of NonOilen in various environments. It is working on the description of the biological processes taking place during the composting of NonOilen or during its decomposition in the soil. This is invaluable to us as it helps to formulate the composition of NonOilen so that it ensures the most efficient decomposition in the given environment. In recent times, we have started to collaborate with another workplace of Tomas Bata University – the Centre of Polymer Systems. We started to jointly develop mixtures intended for the production of non-woven textiles.


KMS-PT, s. r. o.

KMS-PT, s. r. o. focuses on injection molding machines needed in the production of plastics. Together with ESOX Liptovský Hrádok, they were the first to process NonOilen® on injection machines. The company has extensive experience in processing biodegradable plastics and produces its own range of environmentally-friendly NonOilen products known as Ecompo. KMS-PT, s. r. o. is actively involved in the development of bioplastic material for injection applications. They significantly contribute to the development of NonOilen for vacuum forming and injection molding technologies. The company’s engineering capacities can be utilized for the production and development of various test equipment and prototypes necessary for the development of special types of NonOilen. The development of an industrial electric composter for the disposal of kitchen waste together with NonOilen® bioplastic is significant. The company initiated the establishment of the first certified workplace for the processing of compostable plastics in Slovakia. They are working on its establishment together with the plastic cluster.


ESOX-PLAST, s. r. o.

ESOX-PLAST, s. r. o. primarily focuses on plastic products pressing and the production of pressing molds. Together with KMS-PT, s. r. o., they were the first processors of NonOilen on injection machines.


Fillamentum Manufacturing Czech, s. r. o.

This world-renowned filament manufacturer is our important research, industrial and marketing partner. They produce biodegradable filling from NonOilen®. Filament suitable for 3D printing helps to spread the environmentally-friendly alternative practically all over the world. The company showcases its product at foreign exhibitions and is our important customer and partner. It showcased NonOilen® at EXPO 2020 in Dubai and invested considerable resources into promoting NonOilen as an environmentally-friendly material usable not only for 3D printing. They have actively participated in the development of NonOilen formulas for 3D printing. They support the development of these materials both technologically and financially.



The largest member of the group, focuses on the production and sale of packaging materials. They also included biodegradable packaging materials into their portfolio. These packaging materials, composed of NonOilen®, are currently in the development phase.


JRK Slovensko, s. r. o.

The company’s goal is to improve waste management and reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste by proper sorting. They specialize in composting biodegradable waste. In the early days of NonOilen’s research and development, the company contributed with valuable advice. They also provided us with a small electric composter to test NonOilen´s compostability. They are financially involved in the development of a new industrial electric composter, which is being developed by KMS-PT, s. r. o.


Slovak plastic cluster

The association represents companies in the plastic industry, as well as implements projects to support sustainability and plastic recycling. The cluster also includes the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, which is the academic “home” of the members of the NonOilen® research team.


Institute of Circular Economy

The civic association helps companies, municipalities and individuals create less waste. It educates and connects enthusiasts and experts in the field of waste and sustainability. PANARA is also a member of the association.

NonOilen® in real life


Fillamentum NonOilen®

Fillamentum Manufacturing Czech began as a start-up. Today it is among the leaders in the production of high-tech 3D printed filaments. The company cooperates with universities in the production of filaments. Our NonOilen® material appealed to them so much that they created a new product line, Fillamentum NonOilen®. This filament retains the unique properties of NonOilen. The company showcases this product worldwide and has received excellent feedback from customers.


Andel Elite Dental Center and disposable bioplastic cups

The dental clinic in Hlohovec has a very strong environmental awareness. They sort all their waste and stopped using disposable plastic cups. Instead, they replaced them with NonOilen fully compostable ones. The clinic states that this way, it saves approximately 15,000 pieces of disposable plastic cups every year. NonOilen cups are regularly collected from ambulances and taken to a local farm, which composts them. The clinic is a proof that if an entrepreneur thinks ecologically, they will also find the right solution, how to apply it in real life.


Bioplastic tableware in Na bielenisku primary school in Pezinok

The aim of the pilot project was to present NonOilen® tableware (cups, trays and bowls) together with a prototype composter able to dispose of this tableware with biological waste. The Slovak plastic cluster, KM-SYSTEM, SimulPlast, Envirocare and the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava participated in the collaboration. As the report (link below) shows, the school staff was introduced to the material and its possibilities in advance in the form of a presentation and discussion. We researched not only the composting of no longer usable tableware, but also the behavior of the material during normal use and during a washing cycle in a dishwasher.


CURAPROX – a bioplastic toothbrush

CURAPROX cares not only about a healthy smile, but also about the environment. They actively participate in the collection of used toothbrushes and their subsequent recycling. The cooperation with the NonOilen® research team and PANARA resulted in a development of a brush that would also be environmentally friendly. During development, we worked with NonOilen class I, which is degradable only in industrial compost. However, it is also possible to make a toothbrush that can be decomposed at home. NonOilen® can be processed using the injection molding technology used to manufacture all toothbrushes. Using a bioplastic toothbrush will not differ from using a traditional one. In addition to the handle, the company is also looking to develop biodegradable fibers, which can currently be produced exclusively from synthetic plastics. CURADEN, CURAPROX´s parent company, also participated in the project.


NUVO, the first decomposable smartphone cases

NonOilen´s® wide usability is also demonstrated by NUVO, which introduced environmentally friendly smartphone cases. The cases are made of NonOilen class I, which is decomposable only under the conditions of an industrial compost. Therefore, the company also introduced their collection within the open market framework. Customers can return the damaged case to the manufacturer or bring it to selected mobile operator stores. The prototype case for Huawei P30 should be followed by cases for the iPhone, and later also for other brands.


NonOilen® at the Pohoda festival

The Pohoda on the Ground event series form a part of the largest Slovak music festival, Pohoda, which takes place at the Trenčín airport. The organizers, in collaboration with Ecompo, have created a NonOilen® marking system to replace the disposable plastic tapes that are commonly used for these purposes. Another environmentally friendly step was the use of depositable dishes at the entire festival.

NonOilen® wants to go abroad

There are many inspiring collaborations. NonOilen® is proof that bioplastic material can have a really wide range of uses. There is only one thing to do: collaborate in the creation of new ideas.

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