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Application sectors for NonOilen®

NonOilen® is a natural product that can be used in various sectors, such as agriculture, industrial packaging, medicine, food processing or 3D printing.


Diverse properties, wide spectrum of use

Diverse properties, wide spectrum of use The reason why we adapt NonOilen properties to the needs of our customers is simple. Our goal is to offer an ecological plastic material to the widest possible range of customers, and through them to the largest possible number of consumers. You can get the idea from our production areas examples, in which NonOilen® can be used. But at the same time, we know that this list is not final and we leave the door open to any new collaboration.

Your product will no longer be waste. It becomes part of a natural cycle.

Packaging materials


Sacks, satchels, bags

Non-Oilen foil is strong enough for the production of various types of sacks, satchels and bags intended for transporting food, objects or waste. A NonOilen waste bag, which is filled with biowaste, can be thrown directly into a compost, composter or, if the relevant legislation and collection system allows, into a bio-waste container.


Foils, commercial packaging

A large amount of foil and packaging material is used during transportation of goods. NonOilen foils or packaging can be disposed of in industrial composting plants or in a local electric composter intended for the disposal of kitchen waste. In the case of sufficiently responsible sorting and based on an individual agreement with the customer, we are able to take back such packaging and materially recycle it.


Disposable packaging

Depending on the NonOilen class, our natural packaging can also be used to transport food or drinks, hot or cold. NonOilen packaging is strong enough, does not leak, does not break, does not produce odors.

Food industry, gastro sector


Containers for food and drinks

It is possible to make complete natural packaging for solid, liquid, hot and cold foods from NonOilen. Being complete means that, in terms of user comfort, they do not deprive the consumer of any feature provided by traditional plastic packaging. Disposing of packaging is easy. You can use either a home electric composter, in the case of larger catering establishments, hotels, schools. Or simply in industrial or home compost, depending on which type of NonOilen is used.


Cutlery, tableware

Disposable cutlery or tableware is not a sustainable solution. However, in certain cases it cannot be avoided. This is also why a similarly compostable tableware alternative would be an effective solution. Non-Oilen tableware or cutlery can replace disposable plastic dishes. You can use them for serving both hot and cold dishes. In the gastro sector, it is possible to collect the disposable dishes and place them in composters, which are intended for the disposal of kitchen and food waste. Compost can be further used to improve the soil.



Tissue engineering

Since NonOilen® is a biocompatible material, it has a high potential for use in medical applications. For this sector, we are preparing special types of NonOilen usable in tissue engineering. The high personalization of 3D printed scaffolds, which will allow the cultivation of a patient’s dead or damaged tissue from the patient´s own biological material (stem cells, small amount of residual healthy tissue), will be the main added value of NonOilen used in medicine. For the time being, we are exploring our potential in this sector as part of individual studies. You can contact us for more detailed information.


Medical devices

To a certain extent, focusing on the environment is also possible in healthcare and medical sectors. An example is cooperation in the creation of a compostable respirator prototype, with the option of changing the textile filter. You can read more about this project in this section. NonOilen® is a material that can be disinfected and, therefore, can be applied in this sector as well, for example as a disposable medical device that can biologically decompose.

IT – 3D printing 


Smartphone cases

NonOilen® can be processed by several user technologies, so it can also be used in various protective cases, e. g. smartphone cases. NonOilen® can be printed on and is also suitable for 3D printing.


Filaments for 3D printing

In this area, NonOilen® achieved great results thanks to the Czech company Fillamentum, which participates in the development of the respective NonOilen types and is also a manufacturer of a wide range of filaments for 3D printing. It also offers a NonOilen filament. Products made from this filament retain all of the NonOilen properties. For now, they are compostable in an industrial or electric composter. They are environmentally friendly and made from renewable raw materials. The products can be washed in dishwashers, they are strong, tough and hard. We are currently working on a significantly more flexible type of NonOilen for 3D printing. We expect to test it in real-life conditions in the near future.

Personal hygiene goods, household goods



NonOilen® is suitable for the production of packaging of various shapes. The product it protects can be in different states of matter. NonOilen packaging for household goods and cosmetics will support the idea of zero-packaging or environmentally focused drugstores and stores.


Toothbrushes, personal hygiene goods

As part of previous collaborations with Curaprox and Curaden, we were convinced that NonOilen® is a suitable material for the production of toothbrushes, and also other personal hygiene products.

Products for children



Parents are interested in the origin of the toys they buy, as well as their material composition. Popular choices like wood or recycled paper can complement the NonOilen® natural material. Toys made from NonOilen can be enjoyed by children of different ages. Several technological approaches to processing the material can be applied. This shows that NonOilen® does not limit the shapes of toys or what can be printed on them. Biocompatible material is safe for children. When the toy breaks, it does not end up in a landfill, but returns to nature in the form of biomass.


Children's tableware, cutlery

Schools or kindergartens can replace their current tableware with natural one made from NonOilen. It is dishwasher safe and it can withstand hot drinks or liquid food. It is light, but sturdy at the same time.

NonOilen® can be used in hotels, schools and shopping centers

We have created model situations that show how a closed consumer sector can deal with natural waste disposal. These situations could be interesting not only for investors, but also for consumers.

NonOilen bio-plastic cups suitable for hot coffee or tea