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The natural material of the future ready for today's market

Ne do not push the plastic waste problem into the future we bring a solution without ecological compromises and that does not rely on oil from

Materiál NonOilen vo forme granulátu

NonOilen® is a Slovak natural material from PANARA

We have produced a material that fully competes with many current plastics. It is 100 % biodegradable, fully compostable and made only of polymers from renewable sources. Its properties are modifiable. We will adapt them to the producers´ needs and thus also to the wishes of their consumers. Introducing NonOilen®. A polymer mixture that never becomes a waste, as it turns into biomass at the end of its life.

No oil, no compromises, ready for today's market

In the production of the NonOilen® bioplastic, we chose an uncompromising, full-eco approach. With it, we foster the idea of „Giving back to nature what we took from it“. Every product made from our bioplastic can be composted in a so-called industrial compost. Special types also decompose in a home compost or in the soil. Manufacturers do not have to adapt to the properties of NonOilen, we are able to modify NonOilen® according to their requirements. Thanks to this, the spectrum of compostable products can be really varied. In our opinion, such a path leads to sustainable solutions that bring positive results quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the requirements of today’s market.

Ukážka rozličných produktov vyrobenýc z nonoilenu. Kelímky, poháre na pivo a kávu.

Thanks to NonOilen, manufacturers can set the direction in which bioplastics will develop.

provides 100 % in every feature

Modifiable properties

We prepare the material in the form of granules according to the manufacturer's requirements. The manufacturer does not have to adapt to the properties of the material. Thanks to the individual approach, NonOilen® can be

From renewable raw materials

The composition of NonOilen is based on polymers from renewable sources. The material ca be described as 100% bio-based, because the sole origin of the polymers used is biomass. And it will never be different.


The breakdown is relatively fast and produces no microplastics. The result is a high-quality biomass that can be used as a substrate for growing various agricultural crops or flowers.

Made in Slovakia

NonOilen® is the result of collaboration between scientists from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava under the leadership of Professor Pavel Alexy and PANARA. The goal of both parties is to produce bioplastics with a wide range of practical uses.

No oil

We know that degradable plastic materials can also be created in such a way that they are partially or completely made from synthetic (oil) polymers. But this is not our way, nor will it ever be so. NonOilen® does not contain synthetic polymers (plastics). It is truly "non-oil", i.e. without oil.

Environmentally uncompromising

All the properties of NonOilen could be summarized as being environmentally uncompromising. We do not compromise quality at the expense of ecology, nor ecology at the expense of business.

Fully guaranteed properties

Creating bioplastics is not difficult. The problem is to guarantee its properties as suitable for different business sectors. NonOilen® provides properties similar to today's plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, many polyesters, polystyrene, etc.).


NonOilen® consists of natural renewable elements that do not harm living organisms, including humans. It is inedible, but it is suitable for use in the gastro sector, medicine or agriculture.

Interesting facts?

Inžinieri stojaci pri výrobnej linke počas vývoja NonOilenu.

Knowledge → goal → research → result

The idea of entering the market with a material that would have the properties of NonOilen was introduced to academia by Pavol Alexy, a young engineer in the nineties. Later, the knowledge and experience of a by then professor Alexy were combined with the risk tolerance of PANARA, which provided the university research with necessary conditions, and also actively took part in a significant portion of the research. Their synergy and enthusiasm for finding the possibilities to create and especially bring to market a truly ecological bioplastic have united into the NonOilen® granulate we have today. However, the research team continues to work. It modifies and develops such classes of bioplastics that can meet the requirements of sectors wanting to manufacture ecological products.


               Bc. Pavol Roman – sales agent

        Mgr. Michal Lietava – sales agent    

WIGRO TRADE Slovakia, s.r.o.

UP SAS: The SAV Institute of Polymers was the first non-university partner in the research and development of modern ecological plastics. The collaboration between Professor Alexy and Professor Chodák resulted in the first type of material and the first patent. However, in academia, there were no conditions for the real transfer of results from laboratories to industrial practice. That is why further research and development, especially the technological one, has continued in close collaboration with its industrial partner, PANARA.

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