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Award for contribution in the field of corporate finance to Miroslav Galamboš

The prestigious prize was awarded to the representative of PANARA by the Slovak Association of Financiers,(SAF). This happened at the end of the 20th annual Corporate Finance Management conference. The financiers appreciated not only Miroslav Galamboš´s long-term activity in the field of improving the tax system, but also highlighted his support of science and research aimed at the development and production of biodegradable plastics.

Miroslav Galamboš is an experienced financial manager, auditor and tax advisor. In the past, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Slovak Television (RTVS) and Slovak Telecom. Currently, as a partner of an auditing company, he focuses on economic legislation in the field of accounting and taxes. He applies his experience in industrial and energy sectors, focusing on their specifics, as well as their impact on corporate accounting and taxes.

Interest in the potential of ecological plastics

In recent years, Miroslav Galamboš, as the majority shareholder and financial manager of PANARA, has been extremely active in the development and production of biological plastics. He is an example of the enormous benefit that know-how can have in the effective financial management of businesses, as well as personal passion for the green economy, and the ability to actively connect science with practice and create projects with great environmental potential.

“I have been involved in this field for more than 15 years, so I am very happy that the SAF appreciated not only my work, but also the overall significance and potential of this environmental project. I have no ambition to join other startups, but I want to actively participate in the development of this project in the final stage of production and placement of these unique bioplastics on the world market,” says Miroslav Galamboš.

Source: SAF

Connecting science with practice

In this exceptional PANARA project, Miroslav Galamboš managed the entire process of obtaining financial capital for the purchase of technology, the development of a unique technological solution, as well as the start of production of the nonoilen bioplastic. He worked closely with the Slovak Technical University and the Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers FCHPT, especially with the team of scientist, technologist and polymer technician professor Pavel Alexy.

Together, they pushed the development of ecological polymers from the level of basic research to the level of industrially usable recipes for bioplastics. Nonoilen is the first in the world to meet the basic requirements for mechanical properties. It can be produced purely from renewable raw materials and is fully degradable in a natural, biologically active environment.


An example for other environmentally minded companies

As an experienced financier, Miroslav Galamboš helped to achieve another important milestone – a foreign investor, who ranks among the world leaders in the segment of plastic packaging, entered the project. What is more important, however, is that the company managed to retain the majority share of Slovak shareholders. “We consider these experiences to be rare in Slovakia. They could serve as an example for many other environmentally minded Slovak companies at a time when the European Commission is emphasizing green economy,” declares the SAF Board of Directors, as an explanation for the award.

However, Miroslav Galamboš also adds: “Currently, great emphasis is placed on the energy sector, but we must not push the topic of environmental pollution to the background. As for plastics, it is important to understand the issue comprehensively, so that in the future, it leads to a real reduction of plastic waste in the environment. Therefore, I think that the primary criterion for plastics should be their production from renewable sources. I understand that recycling is currently the fastest and most efficient option, but it bothers me that the recycling lobby presents it as the only correct alternative in Europe. In fact, this pushes the solution to the problem of plastic pollution to the next generations.”


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