Prof. Ing. Pavel Alexy, PhD.
Head of dept. of Plastics, rubber and fibers (STU)

Ing. Ján Bočkaj, PhD.
Deputy head of R&D team

Ing. Ivana Bírová, PhD.
Projects manager and medicine research

MUDr. Martina Čulenová, PhD.
Development of medical
procedures for tissue engineering

Ing. Jozef Feranc, PhD.
Technological research and development

Ing. Katarína Tomanová, PhD.
Technological research and development

Ing. Roderik Plavec, PhD.
Recycling research

Ing. Leona Omaníková, PhD.
Reactive procesing and modification

Ing. Elena Medlenová
Injection molding applications

Ing. Lucia Danišová
Film applications (blown, cast extrusion)

Panara research team behind Nonoilen

Associated researchers

(University staff)

Prof. Ing. Ivan Hudec, PhD.
Director of Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers

Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Dušan Bakoš, DrSc.
Former dean of faculty, medicine research

Ing. Ida Vašková, PhD.
Macromolecular chemistry, medicine research

Ing. Zuzana Vanovčanová, PhD.
Macromolecular chemistry, film applications

Ing. Miroslav Galamboš
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Ing. Pavel Alexy , PhD.
Member of the Board

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Zmölnig
Member of the Board

Supervisory board

Board of Directors

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